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Extra Mile Road Mastery

✓  In-Depth & Extensive training. Thorough on-road training and safety-focused lessons. Extra in-car hours not just learning, but excelling on the road.


✓  Free Test Retry Included. Benefit from a free second attempt road test, ensuring peace of mind. 

✓  Quick Test Access. Accelerate the typical 12-month waiting period for your driving test down to  8 months.

✓  Get Certified. With our online course completion, you'll enjoy long term benefits for your driving future.

✓  Road Mastery. Learn to confidently navigate all types of roads, from busy city streets to complex highways.

Top Value in Driving Education

Quality Training at an Excellent Price

All-Inclusive Learning Solution: The ultimate choice for learners who seek a complete, stress-free experience to driving proficiency. It encompasses every aspect of driving education, from basic techniques to advanced maneuvers, ensuring a thorough and well-rounded learning experience.

Peace of Mind with Second Chance: With the inclusion of a free second road test, learners gain greater confidence in their driving journey, especially those who value the reassurance of a second chance.

Ideal for Every Learner: Whether you're a beginner or an intermediate this plan offers extensive training that covers not just the basics but also advanced topics like highway driving and navigating complex traffic scenarios, making it a perfect choice for anyone who wants a comprehensive driving education.


    +$30 MTO Certification Fee
    Valid for 12 months
    • 20 Hours Online Course
    • 10 Hours Home Link
    • 15 Hours In-Car Lessons
    • Instructor's Car For Local Test
    • Road Test Preparation
    • FREE Booking Road Test
    • All Intersections Techniques
    • Defensive Driving Techniques
    • Highway Driving Practice
    • MTO Certification
    • FREE Pick Up and Drop Off
    • FREE Second Road Test (see details)

Key Education Elements

Exclusive Driving Mastery Techniques

  • Master advanced proactive strategies to navigate and mitigate road threats effectively.

  • Handle high-complexity driving scenarios including extreme weather and emergency situations with expert personalized coaching.

Superior Road Awareness and Strategy

  • Enhance your understanding of traffic dynamics using advanced predictive tools and strategies.

  • Develop exceptional vehicle control for a safer, smoother, and more responsive driving experience.

Premium Interactive Learning Experience

  • Engage with a comprehensive online curriculum and cutting-edge virtual reality simulations.

  • Access realistic preparations for complex driving challenges through advanced real-life scenario simulations.

Ultimate Comprehensive Skill Assessment and Development

  • Receive bespoke feedback and tailored progress planning from top-tier instructors.

  • Enjoy a VIP learning atmosphere with exclusive one-on-one mentorship and state-of-the-art facilities that foster safety and excellence.

Easy Payment Options

Enjoy the Ease of Flexible Payments

Benefit from flexible payment options at our driving school. Select from easy e-transfers, securely processed credit card payments through Stripe, or advantageous instalment plans for simplified budgeting. Our commitment is to provide a seamless and secure payment process, perfectly suited to your preferences.

Instalment Payments

Ease your budget with our instalment payment plans, offering financial flexibility for your convenience.


Quickly and securely send payments directly from your bank with our e-Transfer option.

Stripe Secure

Use Stripe for safe and reliable credit card transactions, ensuring your details are protected.

Contact Us

Reach out for personalized payment assistance.


"I would HIGHLY recommend Sam as an instructor to anyone working towards their license!! He is an incredibly prompt communicator and worked hard to meet my needs and work at a pace that was comfortable for me. He made me feel incredibly confident behind the wheel and I passed my road test on the first try (which he knew I would). If I could give him more stars I would!"


Hear It From Our G2 Graduates 

Our G2 Highschoolers Graduates 

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Ready to Drive Safe and Sound?

Let’s get you on the road to your G2 license, the right way.

Discover Other Plans

Explore our range of driving programs, including the Basic and Premier Plans, to find the perfect fit for your driving needs. 

Basic Plan: Offers skills and a safe start in driving.
Premier Plan: at those seekingin-depth mastery for complete driving proficiency.
​​Select the plan that suits your journey and start your path to driving success.



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