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Today's Driving Essentials

✓  Plus Highway.  Fundamental driving skills with highway training, equipping you for both standard and high-speed driving situations.

✓  Fast Progress. Reduce the test waiting time from 12 months to 8 with our Ontario BDE course, enabling you to start driving sooner and with more confidence."

✓  Certification. Complete the Online BDE course to receive a certificate that offers added benefits to your driving credentials.

Exceeded G2 Expectations

Advanced Road Safety: Second Exam Opportunity

Enhance driving skills and safety with our specialized training programs designed for drivers of all levels.

Beyond Passing: Lifelong Safety Skill

Competence needed for today's driving landscape

This plan is the ideal choice for teenagers and high school students who are new to driving.It's also perfect for parents looking to provide a superior driving experience. This plan offers:

E-learning Convenience: the ease of online learning with in-depth driving techniques.

Advanced Skills: Goes beyond the basics to explore the intricacies of driving.

Defensive Driving Mastery: Teaches students how to anticipate and avoid hazards on the road.

Challenging Conditions Navigation:

Prepares drivers to handle difficult road situations confidently.


    +$30 MTO Certification Fee
    Valid for 12 months
    • 20 Hours Online Course
    • 10 Hours Home Link
    • 11 Hours In-Car Lessons
    • Instructor's Car For Local Test
    • Road Test Preparation
    • FREE Booking Road Test
    • All Intersections Techniques
    • Defensive Driving Techniques
    • Highway Driving Practice
    • MTO Certification
    • FREE Pick Up and Drop Off
    • FREE Second Road Test (see details)

Advanced Skill Modules

Defensive Driving Mastery

  • Develop critical skills to anticipate and respond to diverse road scenarios.

  • Learn to navigate complex driving conditions like heavy traffic and adverse weather.

Enhanced Road Awareness

  • Gain a deeper understanding of traffic patterns and improve road behaviour analysis.

  • Focus on refining vehicle control for precision driving and safety.

Interactive Online Learning

  • Participate in a comprehensive digital course that offers flexible, advanced driving concepts.

  • Experience real-time virtual driving simulations for practical preparation.

Support and Assessment

  • Receive personalized feedback and coaching from expert instructors aimed at driving mastery.

  • Enjoy a supportive learning environment with one-on-one attention and a focus on safety and encouragement.

Easy Payment Options

Enjoy the Ease of Flexible Payments

Benefit from flexible payment options at our driving school. Select from easy e-transfers, securely processed credit card payments through Stripe, or advantageous instalment plans for simplified budgeting. Our commitment is to provide a seamless and secure payment process, perfectly suited to your preferences.

Instalment Payments

Ease your budget with our instalment payment plans, offering financial flexibility for your convenience.


Quickly and securely send payments directly from your bank with our e-Transfer option.

Stripe Secure

Use Stripe for safe and reliable credit card transactions, ensuring your details are protected.

Contact Us

Reach out for personalized payment assistance.


"IXL Driving Center is exceptional! I had Sam as my instructor and he is very patient and skilled, and tailors lessons to your needs. With their help, I passed my driving test on the first try. Highly recommended!"


Teen Drivers: G2 License Testimonials

G2 First Try

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Ready to Drive on Your Own?

Take the first step today and get your G2 license.

Driving Plans for Every Level

Explore our range of driving programs, including the Basic and Premier Plans, to find the perfect fit for your driving needs. 

Basic Plan: Offers skills and a safe start in driving.
Premier Plan: at those seekingin-depth mastery for complete driving proficiency.
​​Select the plan that suits your journey and start your path to driving success.





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