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Express G Licence 

Best For New In Ontario

✓   Quick Training. Finish fast with close sessions.

✓  Road Test Ready. Prepared for your G  Road Test.

✓  Best Training Costs: Quality lessons at best prices.

  Professional, experienced and skilled instructors.

✓  Our cars are clean and well-maintained, ensuring a comfortable and secure learning environment.

G Licence Individual Training Packages

Our Prep Boosts Your Chances of First-Time Pass

Ideal for newcomers or those with driving experience from other provinces or countries, our program is designed for quick, efficient learning. If you need your license fast for work or family responsibilities, we're here to help. Our approach ensures you get on the road swiftly, driving safely and confidently.​​ ​ Go for the driving package that works best for you. Our packages are made to fit your schedule and learning style. Choose what's best for you and start driving on your terms.

G- 1 Hour Lesson



1 Hour Driving Lesson

G – 3 Hours Lessons



3 Hour Driving Lessons

Car For Test

G - 2 Hours Lessons



2 Hour Training

Car For Test

What I'll Learn?

At I XL DRIVING SCHOOL, we are committed to providing the best driving education and training. Our team of experienced instructors and comprehensive curriculum ensure that you receive the highest quality instruction. Choose us for a safe and confident driving experience.


Learn All Parking Techniques 


Fundamental Driving Maneuvers


Get Updated in Road Rules and Regulations


Master All Intersections

Emergency Manoeuvres

Emergency Procedures

Easy Payment Options

Enjoy the Ease of Flexible Payments

Benefit from flexible payment options at our driving school. Select from easy e-transfers, securely processed credit card payments through Stripe, or advantageous instalment plans for simplified budgeting. Our commitment is to provide a seamless and secure payment process, perfectly suited to your preferences.

Instalment Payments

Ease your budget with our instalment payment plans, offering financial flexibility for your convenience.


Quickly and securely send payments directly from your bank with our e-Transfer option.

Stripe Secure

Use Stripe for safe and reliable credit card transactions, ensuring your details are protected.

Contact Us

Reach out for personalized payment assistance.


"Today, I aced my full G license in first try . Huge thanks to Bob and the amazing team at ixl school. I highly recommend choosing this school, especially"


First-Try G Success Stories

Full G on First Try

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Want Your G licence Sooner? 

Save time with our fast and effective training.

Drive Safely, Pay Less

BDE Courses: Learn Safe Driving, Get Insurance Savings

Our course teaches you how to drive safely. This keeps you and your family protected on the road. After finishing the course, you can save money on your car insurance. It's simple and helpful for everyone.