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Terms & Conditions

IXL Driving School Legal Terms of Service and Privacy Policy 

Preamble This document, henceforth referred to as the "Policy" outlines the terms of service and privacy guidelines of IXL Driving School ("the School"). It is legally binding upon enrollment and developed in compliance with relevant statutory and regulatory frameworks.

Article I: Eligibility and Enrollment Conditions

  • Age Requirement: Participants must be at least 16 years of age to enroll in driving lessons. Younger individuals may access online theoretical components under specific conditions.

Article II: Financial Obligations and Arrangements

1. Full Payment Requirement: Full payment must be made upon registration as per the fee structure stipulated by the School.

 2. Payment Plan Option: A structured payment plan is available, involving:


  • Initial Payment: Due at registration, covering the first four driving sessions.

  • Second Payment: Required after completion of the initial four sessions.

  • Completion Timeline: The full payment must be completed within one year of registration. Failure to complete payments within this timeframe necessitates re-registration and initiation of a new payment plan.

3. Vehicle Rental for Driving Test:


  • Vehicle rental is available for driving tests at local test centres as included in our package offerings. Please refer to the "Packages" section on our website for the original pricing details.

  • Additional Fees for Remote Test Centres: If the chosen test centre is outside our standard service area, additional fees will be incurred for vehicle rental. These fees are in addition to the base price of the selected package.

  • Waiting and Travel Charges: A fee of $60 per hour will apply for any waiting time at the test centre or for travel to and from the test centre. This charge is intended to cover the additional time and resources used beyond the standard test duration.

4. Training Session Cancellation Fee: A cancellation fee is charged for sessions cancelled with less than 24 hours' notice, unless waived under exceptional circumstances.

Release of Personal Information I certify that the statements in this document are accurate and consent to the release of any information contained herein to the Ministry of Transportation, Insurance Bureau of Canada, and the auditing firm retained by the Ministry.

Article III: Health and Safety Protocols In light of public health concerns, students

with contagious diseases must inform the School prior to attending sessions. Failure to

disclose and subsequent discovery of such conditions may lead to removal from the

vehicle and forfeiture of the session fee without a refund.

Article IV: Testing Center Designation and Associated Fees


  • Assigned Test Center: Test centers are assigned based on the student’s residential address. Additional fees apply for test centers outside the standard boundary.

Article V: Cancellation, Refund Policy, and Administrative Charges

  • Cancellation Rights: Students may cancel within a five-day window post-registration, subject to a $110 administrative fee.

  • Non-Refundable Clause: No refunds are issued after the five-day cancellation window.

Article XVIII: Amendments and Notification of Policy Changes

  • Policy Revision: The School reserves the right to amend these policies as necessary, with significant changes communicated to students.

Contact and Legal Information

Legal Acknowledgment By enrolling, students agree to the terms outlined, recognizing this Policy as essential to the School's commitment to high-caliber education and operational excellence.

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