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 Express G2 Licence

Today's Driving Essentials

✓   Fast Training Schedule close sessions to complete training quickly.

✓  Road Test Preparation. Comprehensive preparation

helping you pass your G2 test on the first try.

✓  Best Prices. Best prices for high-quality training and expert instructors.

✓  Clean Safe Cars: Well-maintained, clean, and safe vehicles.

Private Driving Lessons Packages

With Us, 99% Road Test Pass Guaranteed

Perfect for students, newcomers, or new drivers – whether it's for work or managing family duties, we're committed to helping you get your license quickly, enabling you to navigate the roads safely and efficiently. Choose hourly driving courses for a personalized approach that suits your schedule and pace.​​​

G2 -1 Hour Lesson



1 Hour Driving Lesson

G2 – 2 Hours Lessons



2 Hour Driving Lessons

Car For Test

G2 – 3 Hours Lessons



3 Hour Driving Lessons

Car For Test

G2 – 4 Hours Lessons



4 Hour Driving Lessons

Car For Test

G2 – 5 Hours Lessons



5 Hour Driving Lessons

Car For Test

What I'll Learn?

At I XL DRIVING SCHOOL, we are committed to providing the best driving education and training. Our team of experienced instructors and comprehensive curriculum ensure that you receive the highest quality instruction. Choose us for a safe and confident driving experience.


Learn All Parking Techniques 


Fundamental Driving Maneuvers


Get Updated in Road Rules and Regulations


Master All Intersections

Emergency Manoeuvres